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      Bhitarkanika is a hot-spot of biodiversity. It's home to largest population of giant salt water crocodile in India. Also home to more than 215 species of avifauna including amazing eight variety of Kingfishers. It is the second largest viable Mangrove Eco-System in India Harbours more than 70 species of Mangrove and its associates. Gahirmatha is known to be one of the largest rookery for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles and MANY MORE . . .
      The Bhitarkanika Mangroves are home to 55 of India's 58 known mangrove species. The mangroves harbor one of India's largest populations of salt-water crocodiles and Gahirmatha Beach which separates the mangroves from the Bay of Bengal, is the world's most important nesting beach for Olive Ridley Turtles. Some wildlife experts are of the opinion that the largest saltwater crocodile ever was in Bhitarkanika, measuring an estimated 23 feet (7.0 m) which could be traced from the skull preserved by the Kanika Royal Family.
      The crocodile was shot near Dhamara in 1926, and later its skull was preserved by the then Kanika King. Crocodile experts estimate the animal to have been between 20 feet (6.1 m) and 23 feet (7.0 m) long, as the size of the skull was measured one ninth of the total length of the body. The wetland also hosts a large and diverse population of resident and migratory birds. Rhesus monkey, leopard, leopard cat, fishing cat, jungle cat, small Indian civet cat, toddy cat, common mongoose, jackal, striped hyena, Indian fox, wild pig, Indian porcupine, mole rat, long tailed tree mouse, spotted deer, sambar, common otter, smooth Indian otter are also found here.
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