How To Get There
        The reserve is 190 Km from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa State in India. Take the National Highway 42 and reach Angul. From there proceed to Pampasar which is the main entry gate of the reserve. Bhubaneswar is accessible by air, rail and road.
Tourist Season & Time.
        The Tiger reserve is open for tourist through out the year, except during the period of wildanimal census and estimations, which is notified in advance. However the best season to visit is during the winter months from October to March.
        Visitors can stay in the Nature camps at Tikarpada, Purnakote or Chhotkei. Forest Guest Houses are available at Tikarpada, Purnakote and Labangi for visitors.
Nature Camps
        Camping facilities are available at Tikarpada and Purnakote. At Tikarpada, the camp is pitched on the middle of the breathtaking gorge along the pristine sand banks of river Mahanadi. An overnight stay is fascinating and unforgettable. Camps have double bedded tents with toilets and water supply. Camps are run by local community groups. Visitors are advised to book the facilities in advance.
Visitors Must Know
  • The Satkosia Tiger Reserve is a protected area under the Wildlife Protection Act,1972 and other provisions of law.
  • The nature camps at Tikarpada/Purunakote and Forest Guest Houses are located within the Satkosia Tiger Reserve. Loud noise will cause disturbances to the tranquility of the ecosystem and will disturb wild animals and hence it is an offence.
  • Teasing or molesting of any wild animal or littering the grounds of the tiger reserve is an offence.
  • Setting up of fire to the tiger reserve or kindle any fire or leave any fire burning in the reserve is an offence.
  • Entering the tiger reserve with any weapon is an offence.
  • Use of any chemicals, explosive or any other substances which may injure any wild animal is an offence.
  • Collection or removal of any animal/forest produce or within the tiger reserve is an offence

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